Valentine’s Nails: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tutorial


  1. Start out with a red or dark pink nail polish for the strawberry
  2. While waiting for it to dry, take your white nail polish and put a big blob on a piece of paper. Let it air dry for a bit while you continue with your strawberries
  3. Paint the lower half with a brown nail polish
  4. Using a paint brush (or your regular nail polish brush), paint the leaves. Using a toothpick, paint the strawberry seeds by dotting on them
  5. Check if the white blob is ‘blobby’ enough. Take a toothpick and dip into. If it makes a string when you pull away, then you’re good to do the next step. This part is very important because you would not get the white chocolate stripes right if it’s not dry enough
  6. Drag the white blob and string across your chocolate. Repeat until you’re satisfy

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