Paradise Nails ::Review: Born Pretty Nail Art Stickers::


I’m back with more reviews! This time, it’s nail art stickers from Born Pretty Store. And you know what’s so cool about this? They glow in the dark! Read more to find out!


These were sent by Born Pretty Store for me to review. It came in this little packaging with instructions included on the back, although they were sort of in broken English but they’re still understandable!




They came with 14 stickers so you have a few choices of how you want to place them.


They’re really pretty and I’m not sure if you can see it from this picture but their background is a little glittery. They’re a little large on my nails, so I had to cut them accordingly to fit on my nails (resulting in losing some of the palm trees details 😦 )


And I tried taking a picture when they glow in the dark. It turned out okay but I think it is good enough for you to get the idea 😉 This is the result of not having a fancier camera lol.

2The instruction says that I can paint a top coat but I didn’t because I thought they were good enough. Overall I thought these stickers are really cool (where do you get nails that glow in the dark??). They’re very easy to put on and take off. One thing that I would say is that I wish they were smaller as I don’t have bigger or longer nails. I personally think they’ll look much better on long nails so if you do, go for it!

If you love these, you can use my coupon code UDL91 and get 10% off your purchase. These specific product can be found here. And if you have any questions, please shoot me a comment or an email!

Until then!

With love, Kimmi



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