Horse of the Year Nails

headerDid you know that Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) doesn’t last for a day? It actually lasts for 15 days! And it’s different dates every year. For this year, the year of the horse, it starts on January 31 and ends on Februrary 14 (Yep! Valentine’s Day).

1If you missed my previous post, I dressed my nails up in cheongsam (aka qipao), which is a traditional dress for women in the Chinese culture (click here). For these nails, I was inspired by a picture I stumbled upon while browsing Reddit (great website by the way!) the other day. Someone posted this drawing his/her friend drew on a whiteboard.

dROmJ4nLink to post

As I navigate through the comments, someone posted a picture that may have inspired the artist!


And so my quest to draw a horse across my nails begins! I used

Sally Hansen Cherry Red
Pure Ice Bite Me!
Seche Clear Base Coat
Seche Vite Top Coat

2I painted the details using a brush. I actually don’t know what my pinky is LOL. I tried painting flowers but they kinda ended up looking like stars, or leaves…..But anyway! This is the my first time doing a landscape nails. It is a little challenging because you kinda need to make them connect while your nails are not connected. The leg on the ‘2’ looks a bit off though :/ But overall I think it was an OK attempt.

3Like I said, we have until Valentine’s Day to celebrate the new year so it’s not too late to rock CNY nails if you still want to! Show me your festive red nails!

I’ll be posting Valentine’s nails next time 🙂 So stay tuned!

Love, Kimmi


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