Windy Snow Nails

headerSnow day? Did you mean paint your nails day? 😛 Some of us in the east coast are stuck with a snow day so what better ways to spend my day other than painting my nails?

Since we had a snow storm, I wanted to try to do a mani inspired by it. I know, my nails don’t exactly look like a snow storm but I was inspired by the idea of a ‘storm’ so I attempted to paint some wind blowing expression. And here is the result!


I used

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Strawberry Creme (base color)
Wet N Wild Wild Shine Hallucination (glitter)
Wet N Wild Wild Shine French White Creme (white)
Seche Clear Base Coat
Seche Vite Top Coat

I am also going to include this little tutorial that I made using an iPad app called Paper. I love doodling and this app is the best!


  1. Paint your favorite nude nail polish as the base color (or any color of your choice!).
  2. Paint a layer of glitter over.
  3. For the wind, draw a horizontal line and then swirl it up. Draw a total of 3 lines.
  4. Paint another layer of glitter over. Complete with a top coat.

I did a snowflake nails not too long ago (here) which I also included a brief tutorial on how I draw snowflakes. If you’re also interested here is the tutorial.


And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you think! To the east coast friends, stay warm and be careful when you’re driving or walking outside.

With love, Kimmi


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