Anime Nails: DanganRonpa

headerWoohoo! This is another request from my little sister. Anime fans, you may know which anime this mani was inspired from. But if you’re not, that’s okay! You can still enjoy this post! 🙂

The anime is called Dangan Ronpa (or Trigger Happy Havoc in English). My sister is a huge fan of anime (obsessed!). Everyday I would see her busy tumblr’ing her day away looking at anime. This one was her latest obsession and she got me into it too!


Dangan Ronpa is a Japanese murder mystery type of anime. I believe it started as a game (or a novel?) and was recently adapted into anime on July of 2013. The story begins with a group of students being trapped in a high school who were then forced to kill one another in order to survive.


This funny looking bear here is Monokuma (or Monobear). He is the one who carries out the rules of this ‘game’. He monitors the students to make sure that noone is breaking the rules. At the end of each murder, he holds a class trial where everyone has to figure out who was the murderer. If they guess correctly, the murderer will be executed. If they don’t, everyone but the murderer will be executed giving the murderer the chance to escape. If you’re into mystery or investigation type of show, I think you would enjoy this. I was hooked after the first episode, although I was kind of disappointed with the ending. You can read more here if you’re interested. They probably did way better job explaining than I do lol.


My sister nails were basically inspired by Monokuma. The nail polishes I used were

Wet N Wild Wild Shine Black Creme
Wet N Wild Wild Shine French White Creme
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Cherry Red
Seche Vite Top Coat
Seche Clear Base Coat

For the details, I used a toothpick and a bobby pin.


And that’s what’s on my sister’s current fingernails! Let me know what you think! Also let me know if you decide to watch the show, or already watched it. I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Until then, thank you for stopping by!

With love, QL


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