Smiley Nails


Ahhhhh It’s been a while since I posted something about a nail art. But it’s due to a good reason 🙂 I finally got a job after graduating from college this past May. So I was really happy about it and today’s mani is dedicated to that! 

The weather was pretty hot today so I thought it would be a good idea to enjoy the beach one more time before autumn really kicks in. Boy was I wrong, it was cold and windy at the beach, and the water was freezing ice cold. Good thing I wore long sleeves!

And for some reason I also thought it would be a good idea to paint my nails at the beach so I brought along my essentials.


Nail polishes used:

Kleancolor Pastel Yellow
Wet N Wild Wild Shine Black Creme
Seche Vite Top Coat
Seche Clear Base Coat

They didn’t turn out that bad in my opinion haha! It was definitely an interesting experience. I tried to paint my nails as fast as I can fearing that my nail polish will dry and get spoiled.



I used a toothpick to draw the faces. I brought along post-it as a place to blob my black nail polish on for me to dip my toothpick into it. Aaaaaand I’m really liking the natural light!

And oh! I forgot to mention that I got the amazing Seche Vite Top Coat and Seche Clear Base Coat.

seche vite

Love love love them! Best top coat I ever have! Now I understand what’s the hype about them. The only thing that bothers me is that the top coat contains an ingredient called toluene, which was one of the three ingredients believed to be harmful (toluene, DBP, formaldehyde). But I don’t paint my nails everyday and I always make sure that my place is nicely ventilated. But nonetheless, it is the best top coat I’ve tried. My nails could stay on for a week with no chipping! Anyone interested, here is the link to Amazon.

Here are two more pictures I took indoor and after cleaning up!



I hope this mani would help bring smiles to all your pretty faces even if you’re having a bad day! Always stay positive, keep smiling, and spread the love! Smiles are contagious so be sure to spread them and make the world a better place 😀

With love, QL


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